English Poetry at “The Point of a Tangent” linked here

Just as the tangent touches the circle at just that one point, and zooms away, these verses almost say something, and then just barely do touch it and leave. The circle, the story remains for you to fathom.


Hindi Poetry at “Tuki-Betuki” linked here

What does “Tuki-Betuki” mean?

Tuk (soft T sound) in Hindi means reason.  A logical reason. It also means rhyme. This is why rhyming verse is called Tukbandi, often the easiest form of verse. (Tuk=rhyme, Bandi = to bind, tukbandi) 

Be-Tuki is without reason. Often emotional statements don’t stand up to the test of reason. Sometimes it just bursts forth with no regard for sense, merely an expression. 

The verses here have both, reason and emotion. Often interwoven. Sometimes in rhyme. With and without reason. 

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