Meeta Sengupta

Meeta Sengupta is an educator and advisor specializing in business education, cross border skill development, and coaching and mentoring. She has catalysed several academic start – up units in her career including the India Centre at the London Business School, Commonwealth Business Council and the Richmond Business School. She has worked in a range of sectors including commercial banking, investment banking, publishing, education and skills development.  She has strong research, teaching and leadership skills honed through many years of experience in academia, corporate, and multilateral organizations.

Meeta advises a number of educational endeavours and institutions.  Her experience of teaching and training in various cultures has given her a strong grasp of inter –  cultural pedagogies. She believes that in the future, education markets will move away from linear trajectories and seek to build a portfolio of skills that will help them seamlessly traverse diverse multiple cultural contexts.

She believes that cultural cross pollination can help innovative teaching tools successfully transcend geographies. She has been a successful practitioner in bridging cultural voids across sectors, ethnicities and geographies. She is currently working on creating another such bridge between educators and business.

Meeta completed her MBA (PGDBM) from Indian Institute of Management, (Ahmedabad). She then led the operations team for Citibank Bombay’s financial institutions unit. She moved to debt trading and country research at ICICI Securities and led their foray into new markets. She used her training with J.P. Morgan to bridge the knowledge divide between international money markets and rural money managers in India by leading a series of training seminars for the chairpersons of  every Regional Rural Bank. On moving to London she created country forecasts for the Economist Intelligence Unit. Spotting a void in the IIM(A) curriculum, she bridged the gap between the trading desk and the classroom by teaching a second year elective in International Risk Management.

At the London Business School she single-handedly managed and researched for the India Centre which was designed to be a bridge to raise academic standards to international levels. She also authored papers in addition to mentoring and tutoring PhD and MBA candidates. At the Commonwealth Business Council she led the research and wrote papers and books on investment issues that were a key part of their successful membership drive across 58 countries.

The opportunity to foster a new business school was too good to resist and Meeta moved to the Richmond Business School where for the first time she led, taught and managed both academic and professional courses. In the process she obtained a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and Assessor and Verifier qualifications. This deep understanding of the full range of educational options has stood her in good stead in her advisory roles to investors, venture capitalists, publishers and educators.

Currently, Meeta is the Director of the Centre for Education Strategy, a Delhi based think tank that buils bridges between policy and practice for educators, educationists and Institutions. She is also a Fellow for Geopolitics at the Takshashila Institution. She is Visiting Faculty at the International Management Institute, Delhi, where she teaches International Business. Meeta Sengupta is also the educationist on the expert panel for ETI Dynamics, a socio-economic enterprise that catalyses PPP investments in emerging markets. She also serves as the Chairperson of the Delhi chapter of the Higher Education Forum and is a Consulting Editor to Education World, India’s premier Human Development Magazine. Meeta blogs professionally at the Times of India as EduCable and personally as Aanteladda.

In her spare time Meeta likes to write short stories for children and travel the world and has recently launched Words and More Kids, a free editing and showcasing service for short stories from children around the world.








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