Life in times of Covid19

Will this change everything? Will this be the shock that we cannot handle? Will it kill millions, and change the balance of the world? Is the world ready for Chinese Hegemony? Is this the end of Capitalism?

Are we going to be nicer, kinder people when all of this is over? The earth is calmer, the skies are brighter, the air is cleaner with most of us, humans, indoors. Will we give up are frenzied to-ing and fro-ing to finally give the earth a chance, and ourselves? Are we headed towards a better world, can we make it so?

Are we optimistic, that this will be over, and soon? How soon? A month, three months, 3 years? Will we have to wait for the whole world to become immune before it is safe to go out? Will immunity exist for this – do we know that yet? Or will we keep getting reinfected, through the air we breathe, getting decimated day by day? Is this the end? Or a new beginning?

Is this when we start again?