A few Home Truths about History

1. Your history was not as perfect as you think

2. Your history was never documented accurately, so no one will ever know the truth

3. Of what was known, a lot could not be reconciled – your history is full of contradictions

4. Your history is not what was taught to you.

5. They will continue to discover new things about history – and re-interpreting it. Each lens that looks at the same facts will do so in a different manner.

6. History evolves, and it depends upon many many things.

7. History has always been a tool to manipulate the emotional gullible.

8. History, as taught, history as written, history as retold, and history as believed are all different animals in the jungle of influence.

9. History is written by the victors, is re-told by the losers, is embellished by storytellers and is believed by the simple.

10. There is no right and wrong in the past. Just like today, there are people, powers, interests, survival, greed, ideologies and resources. Nothing and no one ever really wins or loses. It doesn’t really matter. They were all people.

11. Any wins in the past (zero, chola empire, nasal surgery, gravitation) are all commendable and must be remembered but if they have not continued to evolve and grow, then all they are is stories. A culture, history and tradition of science and progress is useful only if it has been sustained. It’s value today is to encourage freedom and endeavour.

12. History’s job is to stop stupidity in the future.

13. One cannot dwell in the past. However you remember it. Neither in victimhood, nor in glory.

14. Unfinished battles of the past belong there – in the past. They were done then. Do not fight in the name of the past because it will cost you your future.

Unless you are using and manipulating the stories of the past to build your future. Then do it, knowing that it is a low game that uses the good in others for your own good.

15. History is usable as the storehouse of emotions – watch out for yours.

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