Why Do they Cry

Why do they Cry?

Why are they crying mother
All of them together
Why do they look so sad
Why do they gather?

A man has died child
He has been sent away today
That’s got them riled
This is why they moan and sway

Was he a good man ma?
Did he help them all?
Did he follow the law?
Did he save them from certain maul?

What can I say to you
You are too little to know
Of the horrors unleashed
Of the tears that were shed

Of the fires that burst forth
Of the lives that were torn
Of how killings follow killings
Of the carnage that was spread

Is he gone now, all gone away?
Ma, are we safe now on?
Sigh. Who can surely say
Evil has its own spawn

Is that why they cry today
Do they cry for us
Do we cry our fears away
Also ma – who are they?

(c) meetasengupta 2015