Kaisi Hawa

Yeh kaisi nayi hawa guzar ke gayi
Jaise aahat uski, jo na ban paaya mehmaan kabhi

What is this new breeze that just went past
Like one, who was never able to become a guest

Na garmi hai is mein us daastaan ki
Jiski dastak se taraane bikhre

It does not burn hot like that fable
That knocked on the door disrupting all song

Na sailaab hai iski rawaani mein
Na sukoon ka ishaara zara bhi

Nor does it have the upsurge in its tide
Nor an indication of any relief it could bring

Yeh kahaan se aayi hai hawa
Jo mujhe hai sehlaaye

Where did this breeze come from
That gently touches me so

Kuchh bole bhi na
Aur hum bhi na kucch bol paaye

It Says nothing….
And I too could not speak

Jab kuchh bhi na tha is jhonke mein
Phir, kyon ye nazar hai aaye

When there was nothing in this gust of breeze
Then why could I see it?



So, what was this breeze that affected one so?

Who is it who can never become a guest?

Who is it that can come and go, neither hot nor cold, and yet a presence?

A tale that will never be one to be told.

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