Sabki Sunte Kaan Pake : Doha

Sabki sunte kaan pake
Pake na dheer na dhyaya
Man pakka kar haath badha
Chun pag vyarth na vyaya

Listening to all (advice) makes the ears sore
It doesn’t strengthen resolve or the goal
Steel your mind and step up to work
Choose your path (feet/fortune) sans waste expense

Pak: To cook, to be sore, to be tough, to be ready
Pag: Feet, Turban
Vyaya: Outgoings, often expense and expenditure. Here: also time, energy, will and other resources.

Parse it anyone?

It is little use seeking and obtaining advice about one’s goals. Second hand advice neither can substitute for your own commitment and passion, nor can it lead you to your own goals. Get on with it, figure out what you want, and start work towards it with determination. Choose your footsteps well, choose your laurels well too. (The word pag means feet, and turban – implying both – choices/steps along the way and celebratory milestones). As you choose your milestones, make sure that you are not wasteful along the way. Spend your resources wisely such that they feed your goals and milestones.