The Dilli Collection

If there was one song for Delhi: Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar, Bas Ishq, Mohobbat, Pyaar

Romance in Delhi (Sigh, those long lazy perfect winter afternoons…)

The barsaati: A small room perched atop a proper house. Rented to a single person, often a student. A certain way of life… a freedom, parties with friends who were as broke, passionate learning, political discussions… a way of life. A song from one of those: Kali Ghodi Dwar Khadi

This one is a rare view of the inside of Qutub Minar. (Some parts closed off now) (Who hasn’t explored Delhi with that special friend?)

They do say that there is something special about the Dilli di Kudi…and old Delhi. Here, take:

Staying with Old Delhi…
Tujhse milna puraani Dilli mein… what a fun movie. For those who know Hindi, the inside jokes in the verses are enough. For the rest, dance along! (Delhi appears at 6:06)

Of course the Dilli wali girlfriend doesn’t give much patta…gotta say this to your girl. Even heartbreaks in Delhi are danced away

Rabbi Shergil on Delhi: Is this about his love or a commentary on the city?

A bit surreal – From a movie about Delhi.. but just the spirit of Delhi…Don’t care what anyone says, we will do as we please! “Ham to karenge!”

School days this! Every school year had at least one competition or assembly that danced to this:

Everything in this song has a tale, from her maroon nail polish to the earrings the shape of the monuments, to the dozens of silver bangles (which Delhi girl hasn’t..) Love in Delhi is to leave a mark on it’s stones

On the eve of elections, bitterly fought elections… this reminds us of the many times this moment has come

The raw, definitive Delhi Song has to be …Kaat Kaleja Dilli

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