Visibility is not an Invitation (and other rules)

1. Remember the difference between person and personal. Especially in front of an attractive woman. Her person is not your personal.

2. Human beings have bodies, including curves and skin. It is natural to have them, it is natural for skin to be in contact with air, water etc. There is nothing to see or comment.

3. If a woman has a short skirt, long legs, superb cleavage – anything – you will not comment and will pretend not to notice. If you think this ‘exposure’ is deliberate to look good or to attract attention – remember – YOU think so, and what is in your head is not permission to look or comment.

4. In case of a sighting of skin that makes you uncomfortable, please will look away. If you are comfortable with skin, you will naturally not bother to look.

5. A smile is not an invitation, it is a smile. A flirtation is not an invitation – it is merely banter. A dress is just that – a dress. There are no double meanings – it is all in your mind that perverts and changes the meaning.

6. A girl does not ‘ask for it’ by simply being visible. Visibility is not an invitation.

7. If you think seeing skin is an invitation to intrude, please see a shrink – you need help and support.

8. If you think there is anything possibly titivating about dressing, undressing, looking, smiling or talking with anybody – you need help. Your reaction is abnormal but there is no shame in asking for help from professionals.

9. Anything visible, likeable is not for the taking – no, not even visually.

10. You were born with eyelids. Don’t forget to use them.
(Reminder: All senses have control mechanisms, it is called Being Human)