LazyChef makes Punjabi Curry

There is an elaborate punjabi curry recipe that can take upto an hour to prepare.

And then there is LazyChef.

The really Lazy/Quick Chef will comprise and not insist on Pyaaz ke Pakode/Onion Bhaji in the curry. It is deep-fried, takes time and utterly delicious. Easy to make, and the pro people  can make it while making the curry. But we will avoid it.


What do we need:

Dahi, mildly sour is good. About a Litre for 3-4 people.

Besan: 1 giant heaped tablespoon for each person – so that’s about 4-5 per litre of dahi


Sliced Onions. (Maybe boiled potatoes – but that is a local version) (Another version will have kasoori methi/or dried methi leaves from the larder)

Salt. Red Chilli powder (I avoid, everyone else swears by it). Methi seeds (the tiny yellow square-ish ones, bitter to taste). A pinch of haldi. Jeera. (Just salt and Jeera does too)

Oil, of course.



Dahi, equal parts water, besan. Mix it up in a bowl or mixie. It should look like a watered down yellow lassi. Bung a pinch of haldi on to it if you want to. Keep aside.


In a large pan, heat the oil. I’d say about a tablespoon but real Punjabis would say at least four times that. Also, could do Sarson ka Tel (Mustard Oil) but that is a bit too authentic for me.

Heated the oil? Put the jeera – a teaspoon – Let it sizzle and pop. (Add the other masalas too at this stage if you have any/all. Oh, and salt now would be okay too)

Put the sliced onions in, Fry till you are bored. Don’t burn it.

Pour the dahi/water/besan mix in.

Stir as it thickens.

Bring it to a boil once for a thin, instant curry. Each boil thickens it more. I like a three-boil curry.

(It will thicken a bit more as it cools down).

(Pop the pakoras in at the last boil, if you must. Else – add the boiled potatoes now)



(did you remember to boil the rice to eat the curry with? That takes about twenty minutes too) .


Slurp away 🙂