LazyChef Goes Lebanese

Inordinately fond of Lebanese Food.. So, when the shopping basket revealed a tub of hummus (that recipe another time),  it was time for a lebanese spread.


A perfect spread would have had 7-10 items, mine had 6. Two were spectacular.


1. Jugaad Fattoush.

What you need:

Salady stuff: (Just make sure it looks green and bright at the end)

A bunch of palak (washed, shredded fine), (some rocket would be nice too) (washed and shredded), lettuce (- chopped in chunks – I had none so added the gentle part of a cabbage),, tomatoes (chunky cut), (should not have added the boiled corn, but I like it, so there. In it went), blanched broccoli (takes a minute – bung it in boiling salted water, drain it out in under a minute); Overtoasted (on a pan) pitta bread to crumble.

Dressing: Lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, salt, amchoor or sumac – half a spoon each – ready to bung in


That’s it: Mix. Keep. Mix. Eat.


Yeah, Official Recipe. Swear.


2. Garlicky Tahini.


I swear it took under five minutes.


In a bowl I threw in a fistful of sesame seeds, poured olive oil over it, added salt, for fun a few raw peanuts (not in main recipe at all!)

Peeled about 15 garlic cloves

(Pro tip- put them in a bowl of water, the skin softens and it speeds up the peeling. Also, don’t worry about wasting the top/bottom 1mm of garlic if you want to speed peel)


Action: Bung it all in a mixie and bzzzz it until it looks like a paste.

That’s it. Tasted wonderful with the other stuff.

Quite sharp though – must have been too much garlic.