Write it Away

I hear the news
It is far away
The newsreader crisply dressed
Like in the movies
Their smoke fills my screen
Fills my lungs

The mother’s cries that rise
Out of the rubble
As she holds her child

How do I see that?
Cold, with steeled eyes
I rub them
They are dry

Dry with the ash
From the fires
That fly through the skies

Bring it all to rubble

Till we are all desert and dust
Scream out loud
to the unending skies
burning fire
Bringing them down

Birds in the skies
Would you like something to drink?
What do you have?

I am always a bit nervous flying…
It is the safest thing you know..
Not like you are in a war zone
No, I’ll have a coke please

Pass out under a blanket
While they are still free

You never know
The way the world is going
What they will take away from you
A sheet, let me have it
While I can.

What are you writing, he asked
The little one, born besieged
We ran, ran from the bombs

To answer his innocent little question
Ma, where in the world are there no bombs
Nowhere, child.

There is no place to hide
No place we have left for you to just watch the tide
None, where you can be you
Or write, as we used to

What am I writing, you ask?
I am writing of the day, today
Before they come,
I must. I must write it all away.