Paneer – the LazyChef’s best friend

A Paneer Quickie?

Here we go:

You need onions, tomatoes, paneer, salt. About the same quantity. A bit of oil.


Veg: Capsicum (or those giant green chillies that are not very very spicy); Spices: jeera (cumin), red chilli powder, cloves. Maybe – garam masala powder will cover it all.

Oil: Anything refined will do.

(Zero Oil? Use tomato juice instead of Oil, add it after roasting, not before)


1. Peel, wash onions. Dice into large pcs – say 8 pcs to a medium sized onion. Wash and chop tomatoes to about the same size.  Paneer diced to about the same size.

2. Put a spoonful of oil in a heated pan, add chosen spices. Jeera and garam masala do best. Can make it spice free too.

Add onions and roast till glistening (not just an oil layer on them, they shine a bit more before they start softening). Keep em as crunchy as you like, mild softening-full glistening is ideal.

(Optional chillies or capsicum can go in now)

Add tomatoes and play about mixing it in. Let the juices flow. When the tomatoes are threatening to drop their peel and there is plenty of tomato juice in the pan, bung in the paneer. Mix. Add salt.

Do not overcook the paneer or it tastes like rubber.

Do not cover the pan if you have green veggies in it.

Mix, lower heat, give it time to simmer. Cover a bit – but not more than 2-4 minutes.

Poke, mix, taste, smell. It will feel right in about 7-10 minutes.

Voila, ready to eat!


(PS if it is undercooked, call it a salad)