Four Salads in Twenty Minutes


Salad 1: Corn and Sprouts

Blanch Corn, cool.

Blanch the sprouts, cool

Mix. A pinch of salt. Squeeze a lemon.

Add your secret ingredient of the day.

(Options: Rock Salt, chili sauce, olive oil etc.)

What I added today: Jalapeno Peppers and Raisins.


Salad 2: Kala Chana sprout Salad

Blanch the Kala Chana sprouts if old ppl are eating them (about 3-4 handfuls)

Chopped Tomatoes (6)

Chopped Onions(3)

Juice of one Lemon


Thai Chilli Sauce

Sesame Seeds

The trick here is to let the tomatoes and lemon juices do their thing with the salt. Let this salad rest for at least 10 mins for the juices to mingle, then mix again.


Salad 3: Carrot Moutarde

Grate or chop the carrot, blanch if necessary (old ppl etc.) (about 5-6_

Chop boiled potatoes (4 -5)

Mix a spoonful of Mustard paste with two spoonfuls of yoghurt

Add salt and vinegar.


This salad is best eaten cold


Salad 4: Brocolli


Broccolli releases its goodness, and colour when it is blanched well. And cooled a bit.

Blanch Broccoli – as much as you want

Generously pour Onion Relish on it



Tips and Tricks:


1. Blanch salads so that they get cleaned thoroughly, are easy to digest and stay shiny for longer

2. Add salt to the water for Blanching

3. Let the water boil, add the chopped veggies, wait about a minute or two, sieve out.


And here is my favourite Salad, though I did not make it today- Rocket, Onion and Walnut

Wash the Rocket and tear it to baby rocket sized bits

Caramelise the Onions, preferably sliced in rounds (I don’t add sugar, but you can, trace)

Toss the walnuts in when the onions are done caramelizing – they don’t get crisp, just nice and warm.

Add a trace of salt if you want to.

Switch off the flame.

Add the rocket leaves, and toss the salad. Cover for about 30 seconds. Any more and the salad leaves lose their colour.

Transfer to cool serving dish (or the leaves will cook – and you don’t want that)