Diwali – Healthy Sweet – Khajoor laddoo

Well, healthier than the carbs and sugars we indulge in with the other sweets… though if you have diabetes, this still does not qualify as healthy.

But it has all good stuff.

You will need:

De Seeded khajoors(dates), chopped

Chopped nuts – almonds, pistachios etc.

A spoonful of ghee, or a trace amount to line the wok


Warm the wok with the ghee (don’t need much)

Roast the nuts lightly

Put the chopped dates (khajoors) in, and toss around till everything starts to soften.

Switch off the flame, continue to attempt integration of mass in wok for another minute.

Now, for the brave:

Take a portion in your palm and fashion into a laddoo, little spheres of goodness. Place aside to cool

For the less brave:

Place it on butter paper. Roll to even it out – about half an inch thick. Slice into barfi shapes (squares or diamonds) before it cools down. Separate and cool


(For the simple namkeen:https://aanteladda.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/diwali-2-namkeen/ )

(For the simple barfi: https://aanteladda.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/diwali-barfi-for-beginners/ )