Diwali – Barfi for Beginners

The Home Made Diwali Spread

(Or, More Kudos for Less Work)

A Sweet, A Savoury and a Healthy Option

Barfi, NamakPara, KhajoorLaddoo

The Sweet: Barfi

The easiest thing to make in the world is a barfi. At its simplest, it is khoya, mashed in warm ghee over a low flame, with sugar and flavours added. It takes time to mash it in, and lo, by the time it is mashed, it is pretty much cooked.

Then you laddoo it or barfi it, according to how much heat your hands can handle. (Laddoo making almost burns hands)


One Unit Khoya
One Unit Sugar (powder, not crystals)
One Unit Ghee
(you chose the units, roughly equal quantities)
(I halve the ghee, just to feel as healthy as I look. Can reduce the sugar too)


Cd be Elaichi(green cardomom)  powder. Or Vanilla essence (coupla drops). Or a Quarter unit of finely chopped dry fruits – almond, pistachio – anything)

Basic Barfi:

Take a Wok like pan, the thicker the base the better it is.
Light the fire, low flame
Put the Ghee in, let it warm up.

#Protip: Run the khoya through the mixie to shred it. Or Grate it. Or chop it up as small as you can (takes patience)

(Should I have said this before? Sorry, Switch off the fire as you do this – you don’t want the ghee to be too hot)

#Protip2 If you are powdering the sugar yourself, in the mixie, do it before you shred the khoya. Saves you from having to wash n dry it in between)

Back to cooking:

Warm the Ghee.

Put the shredded khoya in.. start mashing.

As it begins to soften, add the sugar.

Mash and Turn.

(Add flavouring, dry fruits etc. now)

As it integrates into a single massive lump/ball, make sure it is even.

Spread and mash to identify lumps. Pull together to integrate.

Traditional test is that it separates from the sides – doesn’t want to stick.

Don’t overcook.
(If it starts being unsticky, and you still have some mashing and smoothening to do,  switch  off the flame for a few minutes)

Bingo – basics done.

Now, to Roll.

Roll them on a flat surface using a rolling pin. About an inch thick (or as you like it)

Admire, instagram for a moment. (Give it a moment to breathe and set)

Slice into diamonds or squares.

Lift with a SPATULA and arrange on pretty butter paper – Give it a few minutes to set some more)


Shred the Khoya

Powder the sugar

Warm the Ghee.

Mix and Mash (add fancy flavours n nuts)

Roll and Cut.

Cool and Serve


Send me some!!
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