Diwali 2 – Namkeen

The Simplest Namkeen to make is a namak para..

You need – maida (flour), Oil (for kneading and frying), salt, ajwain, warm water to knead

For every cup of flour, use a ladleful of oil (or ghee, if you are posh) to knead. Add a pinch of salt and a pinch (and a bit) of ajwain.

Crumble the oil into the maida. (add more oil if you are feeling generous)

Knead with warm water into a tight, almost impossible ball. Which means, be very sparing with the water.

Pull off manageable portions, knead it between your hands to make it even and springy.

(About this time, put oil in a wok, on a flame to heat for frying)

Roll out on a flat surface (pre-oil it) till it is about 1 mm thick

With a knife, score out a diamond pattern (cut through)

Lift out the diamonds and fry..

Cool to eat..

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