Ek – Kuchh Dohe

Bant bant toote sabhi, toota nahin yeh bair;
Kyon na samjhe moorakh jan, Saanjhi sab ki khair

Our divisions broke us, Nothing broke our enmity,
Why do foolish people not understand, United stands our wellbeing


Mera ghar tera nahin, na tera voh mera
Raah magar jab ek hai, kya tera kya mera

My house is not yours, nor is yours mine
But our road is the same, then why fight over mine or yours?


Tere ghar ek chhat rahi, mere ghar bhi chhat,
Donon ke ghar banein rahein – kya yeh nahin bahumat?

Your house has a roof, my house too has a roof
May both houses prosper, is that not the majority view?


Yeh kaise tu soch le, ke mera tujh se bair
Mera man saancha jo ho, phoot kahan rakhe pair?

How did you believe that I want to fight with you

If the mind is true and clear, then how will divisions enter?


Jo tan tere laage hai, main bhi sochoon soi
Jab dil donon ek se, Phoot kahan se hoi

What touches you, I also think of the same – friend
When both our hearts are similar, then how will there be a divide?

Jaagein hum subah saver, maangein apni rozi
Baaki jitna bhed badhe, chahein sabhi bas roti

We wake up early in the morning, we ask for our livelihood
Even as differences increase, All just want the same thing – bread