Just some unconnected, unstrung verses
(unstrung = anpiroya)

Dastak to na doge, yakeen hai hamein
Har jafa se wafa mukammal hogi

You will not knock at my door, I am sure of that
Every betrayal completed (proved) the faith

Zaroori nahin ki har mod par mileinge humkadam
Kabh inhi kadamon se faasle ginte reh jaayenge

It is not necessary that one finds a companion at every turn
Sometimes, with these very feet/paces we will be left counting the distance (between us)

Kayi baar palat-te rahe ki khabar loge apni
Palat-te palat-te paasa hi palat gaya

I/We turned many times to see if you would ask after me/us
We turned so many times, that the tables were turned

Na khabar li, na khabar di kabhi apni
Na nazar se nazar mili thi apni
Lafzon ki mehak khud hui barpa
Afsaana sare baazaar goonje aawaara

You never asked about me, nor told me about yourself
We never even exchanged glances
The perfume of words spread itself wide
The tale travelled through the markets like a vagabond tramp

Yeh chaahat to nahin, na hai rishta khoya
Phir ye taana kaisa – unpiroya?

This is not desire, nor a lost relationship,
Then what is this stray unstrung string (warp) doing here?

Ik baat kaho ki kaise tum khud ko baandh ke rakhte ho
Yeh kya dar hai jo khud ko saanjh se rakhte ho

Tell me, how do you hold yourself so tight/tied together?
What is this door/price that you keep (for) yourself in a treasure box?
(dar= door, price; saanjh = aesthetic safekeeping, shared, evening)

2 thoughts on “AnPiroya”

  1. Love it 🙂

    Kabhi yun bhi to ho …
    Dariya ka Saahil ho, poore chaand ki raat ho
    Aur tum aaoo …
    Kabhi yun bhi to ho …
    Sooni har mehfil ho, koi na mere saath ho
    Yeh badal aisa toot ke barsay
    Mere dil ki tarah milne ko tumhara dil bhi tarsay
    Tum niklo ghar se
    Kabhi yun bhi to ho …
    Kabhi yun bhi to ho…

    (Singer : Jagjit Singh , Lyrics : Bashir )

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