Coffee Mommy

I will not wish
A pox on your preparedness
The perfect uniform
The polished shoes
The blingy butterflies
That adorn the book report
But I just wish
You had not

I wish you had let your child
Be real and shallow like mine
I wish you had let the struggle
Of the glue and the lines show
I wish your book’s edges curled
Not look pressed pristine and fresh
As if they had not been touched
As ours have not

You are unreal you know
With your heels and bouffant aglow
Tripping through coffee mornings
As if you have so much to show
Your voice it trills like your phone
And I hate it that you know
All the teacher’s birthdays
You join in each other’s holidays
How can you?

Such perfection so much order
The clockwork ticking to go
The grades you claim are whole
May be they told you so
I know you know, what you say
Isn’t always true
I know because I noticed
Yours don’t know what they show
Don’t lie to me

Let them be what they can be
Let them play and discover their fate
Let them learn it is a process
Not a stamp replicated ad infinitum
Just let them be for a while
Go On, let them muck it up
Oh, don’t let me be the only mum
Allowing their child space to grow up!

Coffee tomorrow?