Amreekandesi – Masters of America – Book Review

Of course AmreekanDesi is funny. He has been funny for years and his debut book has a tiny little snigger or a guffaw in every page. Endearing characters, drawn as if they were people he knows (were they really?) seeking to create a life for themselves in a world they have aspired to, and now achieved. Except, all is not as they thought it would be. An enjoyable read.

What it could have been, and is not, is another coming of age story – thank goodness for that. There is a journey of discovery, clearly, but it is more about the events and the people than a broad sweep of the continent. And this too saves the story. A corner of America seen through the eyes of the protagonist and their friends, most of them in (or off) the same boat.. yes, all the phrases and cliches are there, with the proverbial tongue in cheek. The rajma chawal – check. The geek who learnt to cook – check. The gorgeous desi girl – check. For those of us who went through the going abroad journey years ago, then saw friends and cousins go through it, it brings a sentimental smile as we read. And an occasional grin as we remember escapades. Atulya, your people are such good people, they deserve to win!

A fun read, perfect for the sunny holidays. Especially if you sneakily want to ‘inspire’ your teenagers to aspire to higher education abroad – a fair feel of what they’d see when they got there. Pick it up before that next flight or train journey 🙂

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