Quick Aampanna

Craving Aam panna?

This one shd not take more than 20 minutes to make, though I’m afraid, it may take much longer to cool down.

(Best to start before brushing your teeth in the morning, stick it in the fridge before going to work, and have it waiting for you when you get back)

Tastes nearly authentic, utterly true to the lazychef ethos.

Take 4-6 raw mangoes. Wash.
Plonk them in a pressure cooker with half a cup of water per mango and one for the pot. (Less for smaller mangoes, obviously)
[How much water protip- enough to cover the mangoes and leave 3odd inches between water level and pressure cooker top]

Add a large tablespoon of sugar per mango, and a bit more if you like it sweeter.
And a pinch of salt.
For adventure, add a slice of ginger, some black peppers and a couple of cloves.
Pressure cook for ten minutes.

Let it cool down.

Now the tricky, messy part.

SEQUENCE this well – it takes 2-3 minutes. Else, I promise you at least 40 minutes of gooey glory. Also, use the implements suggested.

When you open the pressure cooker, the mangoes should have separated from their peel, almost as if they exploded in the cooker.

1. Pour out the water with the mango bits floating in it.. this too is aampanna (50 seconds). Pour it into a large pan.
2. With a spoon or fingers, separate the peel from the centre. Leave the peel in the cooker, or on the side (30-40seconds)
3. Take a knife, and scrape off the cooked mango pulp into the pan with the water you just poured out (about a minute)
4. Don’t bother too much with the mango pulp sticking to the peel. If you are fussy, scrape it off with a spoon and add it to the pan.
5. Wash your hands, tidy up the space, throw away stuff 🙂

The pan has your aam panna.. ALMOST.
Either whiz it with a blender, or mix it with a spoon.
Add Black Salt/kala namak and (crushed) ice before you drink it..


1 Double the sugar when cooking. Reduce the salt.
2. Freeze the liquid aampanna, crush, refreeze, crush n serve 🙂