Keh Do

Keh do ki unse
Jo kehte the hamse
Ki kehne sunaane ke din aa gaye

Ki ab hum na bolein
Yeh lab na kholein
Ki Unke Manaane ke din aa gaye

Jo roothe hain tumse
Hain pareshaan is dam se
Ki Tumko bataane ke din aa gaye hain

Ki Tum hi tum nahin ho
Jo Yoonhi ho socho
Ki tumhaare humaare din aa gaye hain

Please go and tell him
Who used to say to me
That the days of hearing and telling are here

Because now I won’t speak
Will not open my lips
Because the days of his bringing me ’round are here.

She, who is upset with you
Is perturbed by this too
That the days of telling you are here

That you alone are not
The one who thinks so
That the days of you and I are here

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