Thai Soup

This one is about preparation, cooking time is minimal.

Tons of fine chopping.

So first gather your stuff around

Pan, noodles, water.

Frying pan, Chicken breast slices OR prawns

Seasonal Vegetables, finely sliced – beans (diagonal for style, carrots, baby corn)

Thai Veg: Spring onions, lemon grass, galangal, kafir leaves, coriander/parsley. – finely sliced, pak choy.

Imp: Peanuts, crushed – roast em.

Spices: Chilli Flakes, pepper, lemon (dried or fresh), brown sugar.

If you can: Fish stock/chicken stock, coconut milk

Here goes:

Track 1: One one hob, put the noodles to boil in water

Track 2: Another hob:
Large pan (with lid, Trace oil, (if chicken gently panfry the pieces a bit, take out, keep aside.

Add a bit of water – 1/3 cup, add the brown sugar, let it bubble.. add kafir leaves, half of the chilli flakes, pepper, dried lemon.

Add another 1/2 cup water/fish stock.

Option – Either blanche your veggies, and keep aside for assembling at the end

if really lazy, When it bubbles again, add the tough veggies – beans, mangetout, carrots etc. Let it simmer till it begins to soften.

Simmer – lower the flame.

Add the chicken or prawn now.

Add coconut milk if you want to.

Add pak choi now..

Simmer for about a minute. Switch off heat. This is your sauce.

It needs a lid.

Place sliced lemongrass, galangal, spring onions etc. on the sauce and shut lid. Let the steam soften them a bit.

Track 1:

Your noodles should have cooked by now. Drain. Wash. Wash again with boiling hot water/pour from kettle on to noodles, to heat them again.

Assemble to Serve:

Giant Bowls for eating:

Place noodles at the base. Pour sauce with the bits that interest you ..Let the liquid stand about 1/2 inch above noodles.

(You could add the blanched veggies and sliced toppings at this stage too)

Take a bunch of roasted crushed peanuts and plonk on top.

Before Eating:

Take a picture, instragram it.



MAKE THE WATERY SAUCE (water in tom yum paste or whatever you like will do too. Or packet soup. Or the way above)

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