Remembering 26/11

Reposting the first poem I ever wrote.. the day after the 26/11 attack.. it was time to say – enough. Even if I did not know how to.

Ab tak ki jo hamne dekha
Kya woh kam na tha
Ki yeh kahar phir dhaaya
 Dekho, ab angaar aaya

So rahe the ham jo kya
Tumne socha ghar gaye

Caravaan aisa hai bheja
Tumne socha mar gaye

Lalkaar hai hamne yeh suni
Tum ab yeh socho: idhar rahe

Ab tak ki jo hamne dekha
Socha samjh jaoge tum

Ab jo kafan tumne phenka
Sar maathe baandh chale hai hum

Auda darja jaat na kehna
Is darya main sab ne behna

Ab tak bahut ho chala, ab nahin
Ik Pal bhi aur na hai sahna.

अब  तक  की  जो  हमने  देखा
क्या  वोह  कम  न  था
की  यह  कहर  फिर  ढाया
देखो , अब  अंगार  आया

सो  रहे  थे  हम  जो  क्या
तुमने  सोचा  घर  गए .
कारवां  ऐसा  है  भेजा
तुमने  सोचा  मर  गए

ललकार  है  हमने  यह  सुनी
तुम  अब  यह  सोचो : इधर  रहे

अब  तक  की  जो  हमने  देखा
सोचा  समझ  जाओगे  तुम

अब  जो  कफ़न  तुमने  फेंका
सर  माथे  बाँध  चले  है  हम

ओदा  दर्जा  जात  न  कहना
इस  दरया  मैं  सब  ने  बहना

अब  तक  बहुत  हो  चला , अब  नहीं
इक  पल  भी  और  न  है  सहना

(This poem was read out at a candle light vigil at India Gate a few days after the attack)
Of course, one can moan about the futility of such rhetoric. Or do the little bits one can to make things better.
Something surely changed on that date.. it was not just that attack.. but that and others that made the people of India say, enough.
Some stepped up to do what they can.
Others preparing to do so.
Others at least willing to speak
And some – to think differently.
Even to have different and better expectations of ourselves is change.