Songs to make you cry

That is if you understand them! Middle Eastern.. Persian to Spanish in range…

This is the end, my friend – that could be the theme of this post, if any.

Dariush: Rumi

Sattar: Yeganegi

Dariush: Dobare misazamet vatan

AND Yasmin Levy

Yasmin Levy: La Alegria

Yasmin Levy: Adio Kerida

Yasmin Levy: Naci El Alamo

Yasmin Levy: Me Voy

Yasmin Levy: Mano Suave

Yasmin Levy: Triste Vals/Sentir 2009

Yasmin Levy: Hallelujah

Yasmin Levy: Porque

Again, thanks are due to buddy @orsoraggiante on twitter for curating these