Julahe Ban, Julaahe Bun

Julaahe ban, julaahe bun
Khud ki daastan o dhun
Haathon mein dhaage Ulat pulat pher
Unmukt tasveerein sapnon ka dher

Jaane kya julaahe anjaan
Samajh baitha bunta jahaan
Teri dor kis ke haath
Kathputli ban chale saath saath

Bas mein na hai tera bas
Dhun jo dhari hua be bas
Taal jo teri, dhaaga kisi ka
Naam jo tera, Kaam kisi ka

Bunte tante bane hai kissa
Jiska tu chhota sa hissa
Phirbhi yehi hai tera anjaam
Is daastaan ka tere sar ilzaam

Devenagri Script:

जुलाहे  बन , जुलाहे  बुन

खुद  की  दास्ताँ  ओ  धुन

हाथों  में  धागे  उलट  पुलट  फेर

उन्मुक्त  तसवीरें  सपनों  के  ढेर

जाने  क्या  जुलाहे  अनजान

समझ  बैठा  बुनता  जहां

तेरी  डोर  किस  के  हाथ

कठपुतली  बन  चले  साथ  साथ

बस  में  न  है  तेरा  बस

धुन  जो  धरी  हुआ  बे बस

ताल  जो  तेरी , धागा  किसी  का

नाम  जो  तेरा , काम  किसी  का

बुनते  तानते  बने  है  किस्सा

जिसका  तू  छोटा  सा  हिस्सा

फिरभी  येही  है  तेरा  अंजाम

इस  दास्ताँ  का  तेरे  सर  इलज़ाम



Become a Weaver, Weave O’ Weaver
Weave your story, your tune
Hold the threads, turn them around
Weave free pictures, a pile of Dreams

What do you know, O unknowing weaver
You thought you were weaving your world
Your thread is in another hand
You become a puppet and go along

Your will does not control your will
The tune you play makes you subject
If the beat is yours, the thread belongs to another
If the name us yours, the work belongs to another

Weave and pull, it becomes a tale
Of which you are a small part
Even so, this is your fate
For this story yours is the blame



The weaver stands for all of us, the julaaha not a caste or a profession, but the part of us that seeks to create our own stories.