Dance, Flirt, Leave

In that order.

Dance first. Give before you seek. Proof before possibilities.


Dancing is about grace, about seeking and feeding attention.

Dancing is about creating a spell so that nobody can leave.

Dance to lead, or to join.

Nobody dances without a beat, nobody dances without rhythm. Nobody dances alone.

Nobody dances for the first time.

Dance to the memory of all dances before.


All dances have form. And bounds.

Pushing at boundaries, seeking the drums, within some rules, and yet only one’s own.

Dance, to show you can.



Humour. Kindness. Flint. Probe. Discover.

Flirting is a safe journey of discovery.

Of possibilities.

Gathering information.

Potential explored, but not tested.

Without consequences. Due Diligence.


Leave before the music stops.

Leave before the conversation turns heavy.

Leave before the party becomes a market.

Leave the market for the ‘morrow

Leave when the magic is high, the chase nigh.

Leave, so you have time to prepare for the battle.

You started it.