Healthy, Filling, Simple. Tasty?

Those of us who are really (like genuinely, really) in a rush and need food to keep us going but have no time to eat – this is it.


It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I assure you it is filling and energising. And one gets used to the taste – I liked it the first time itself, but then I am used to eating textured food.
Jow ka sattoo – Jowar powder – jowar sattoo

Chane ka satoo – Roast gram powder  (including the chhilka for the fibre, optional)


A spoonful each.  Or two each, if you are really hungry.


In summer, mix with cold water, keep stirring and drinking.


In winter, mix with hot water. If you can boil it up, it doesn’t need stirring while drinking. Some people add a dash of milk to this too.


Simple – keeps one going for hours.


And – drinking the hot version of it for 2 months for Lunch was the ONLY time I lost weight.