Lazy Kebabs

Well, not really lazy, but quite quick.

Buy fresh keema. Preferably spring lamb.

In a coffee grinder freshly grind the clove, cinnamon (dalchini), Badi elaichi, Dhanajeera, jeera. (Almost the same as the keema recipe)

Chop finely/grate/grind onions, garlic, ginger, coriander. Don’t worry of you don’t have any of this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have this.

(The fancychef at this stage will wetgrind soaked/parboiled chana dal to add to the keema mix)

(The cost conscious will add pre-soaked soya keema at this stage)

(The mildly cost/volume aware person will add mashed boiled potatoes to increase volume, but careful not to influence the taste)

TO the keema add the ground masala, a mashed potato, bread slices (without the sides) and a raw egg. Squish and mash together. Oh – finely chopped green chillies are delish if you can handle the spice). Don’t forget the salt.

Make kebab shaped balls/cutlets.

Shallow Fry on a tawa/non stick pan.




(those who believe that the best kebabs are grilled are right. These can be grilled too. I’d recommend not washing the keema if grilling on an open grill)

(And for those who like to fake the grill: add a pc of charcoal to the tawa and cover to heat, or finish off the cooking)

Summary: Squish ground masala, bread, raw egg, salt into mutton/chicken/lamb keema. Shape. Fry.