Baked Potatoes in 7 minutes*

*IF you have a microwave, that is. And are willing to use it. My parent’s would not. But many a kiddy party has been saved by this. And many quick snacks.


Medium potatoes.

Wash thoroughly (DO NOT PEEL)

Poke peel with fork in two or three places

Optional: rub the outside of the potato with olive oil or butter (yes!) or any grease of preference.

Microwave for 6-7 mins if you have an average microwave. For competitive species that seek to outperform others (750 Watts and above) between 5-6 minutes. Super-competitive microwaves of course will have the option to be toned down – it does best at 7 minutes.

Take it out, split, salt – butter/sauce and eat.

Disaster Queen tip: Try it with one potato first.. they should be soft to the core, but not dry to eat.


Eating Tip:

Dollop of butter and salt in the centre – Divine.

Sensible people will have baked beans heated while the potatoes are being microwaved.

Healthy people would have created a coleslaw style mixed salad too.

Industrious people would have grated cheese to top up the potato.

Perfectionists would have done all of the above, readied their grill- placed their spliced  ‘baked’ potatoes topped with cheese in it for 2-3 minutes to brown it and had a delicious perfectly balanced nutritious meal .