Basic Cake

Equal parts: Flour, sugar (powder), eggs, Butter, baking soda


(For a 1 Kilo cake, that serves 6-8ppl, that is 250gm flour, sugar, butter and 4 medium eggs)

Butter and Sugar – mix till fluffy. Eggs (maybe a trace of milk), whip.

Sift flour and a pinch of baking soda into the mixing bowl.

Check: Is the oven on and working its way up to 180 degrees celsius?

(Add on: If you want chocolate or coffee then sift those in too.. reduce flour to add chocolate powder – you don’t want to change the proportions. If you want nuts, add them to the sifted flour)

Mix in the butter/sugar and beaten egg alternately.

Even firm strokes, cut and fold if you know how to, otherwise its a bit like beating an egg.

Don’t overdo the beating. A crumbly cake is better than a depressed one 🙂

Pour into baking dish (nonstick? butter paper? baking lining? Nothing – then smear with oil and dust with flour to get a fine dry layer between pan and the batter you are about to pour in)


Pour batter in pan.


Place in preheated oven.


25 mins max.. see it rise. Don’t open half way or your cake may collapse.

Perfection is attained if the cake cracks open at the top. If not, it looks perfect.


Cool. Cut. Consume.