Home Made Pita Pods (w/salsa)

Super Simple:

Knead some floour – I used a combination of whole wheat and refined flour (the one used for baking) with yoghurt. Sorta tightish and stretchy.

Leave to prove for an hour or two.

Add salt, zatar, ground cumin – whenever you remember to. Easier to mix it in dry flour.

Knead again.

Hopefuly it has risen.

No worries if it has not.

Roll out into 2 inch circles if you want bite sized pods, or 4-5 inch any roundish shape if you want to eat it like a bread.

Bake for ten minutes each. They will puff up.

(If your oven is boringly slow, and you are not too fussy about puffy ones, roast on an omelet pan on low heat till slightly brown on each side. Baking is better)

To make a swish snack, for the bite sized ones – pop open the top and pour some salsa sauce. Eat. Enjoy.

Don’t have salsa? Chop tomatoes, cucumber and cheese; flavour with salt, maybe paprika and lemon. Stuff.

Have fun!