Sita leaves town

Sita continued:

Mukh par daare madhur muskaan
Chal nikli jo jaane path anjaan
Man mein kiya kathor anushthaan
Jo ho jaye, rakhoongi nari hone ka maan

(On her face she placed a sweet smile
She stepped out knowing the path was unknown
In her mind she took a tough vow
Whatever happens, I’ll retain pride in being a woman)

Rani na bani, Rani sam bhaav,
Na bhrikuti Taan, na mukh par taav
Sar uthaaye chali Dulaari
Anyaya Ghor jaise lage na bhaari

(I wasn’t made queen, I act like one
Not a frown or a mark on my face
I raise my head and walk, the darling of all
So that the deep injustice doesn’t look heavy)

Nagarlok sab teer tak saath,
Laute, kheenche roti ka haath,
Jis nagar ka uthaaya bhaar
Bas itni hi door talak unka pyaar.

(The people of the city give company only till the river edge
They returned, their bread at home called them back
They carried the load of this city
It’s people’s love extended only thus far)

Nagar dwar taj teenon veer
Banaane chal pade nayi taqdeer
Aage na jaane chit ya pat
Par aaj ka to chhoota jhanjhat

(They left behind the gates of the city, the three brave ones
They stepped out to make a new fortune
They don’t know whether they’ll win or lose
But today’s problem has been left behind)

Sunte the Sita abla naari
Kaise kasht uthaaye bhaari
Jo milaayi  taal se taal
Fauladi thi man ki dhaal

(We heard that Sita was a weakling, a woman
How will she carry this heavy load
But one who manages step for step
Her mind’s shield is made of iron and steel)

मुख  पर  डारे  मधुर  मुस्कान
चल  निकली  जो  जाने  पथ  अनजान
मन  में  कीया  कठोर  अनुष्ठान
जो  हो  जाये , रखूंगी  नारी  होने  का  मान

रानी  न  बनी , रानी  सम  भाव ,
न  भृकुटी  तान , न  मुख  पर  ताव
सर  उठाये  चली  दुलारी
अन्याय  घोर  जैसे  लगे  न  भारी

नगर्लोक  सब  तीर  तक   साथ ,
लौटे , खींचे  रोटी  का  हाथ ,
जिस  नगर  का  उठाया  भार
बस  इतनी  ही  दूर  तलक  उनका  प्यार .

नगर  द्वार  ताज  तीनों  वीर
बनाने  चल  पड़े  नयी  तकदीर
आगे  न  जाने  चित  या  पट
पर  आज  का  तो  छूटा  झंझट

सुनते  थे  सीता  अबला  नारी
कैसे  कष्ट  उठाये  भारी
जो  मिलाई   ताल  से  ताल
फौलादी  थी  मन  की  ढाल

Later, much later:

Ram Rajya



ik kahaani yoon bhi thi
jahan raja rani kabhi
mahal ke bahar kadam jo rakhte
Praja dekh unke dil dadhakte

Khushiyon ghamon mein hote kucch sath
Logon ke sar par rahta unka ooncha haath
Asaan na tha sab samet sambhaal kaam
Saath mein Banaaye rakhna shaan

3 thoughts on “Sita leaves town”

  1. Ati uttam! Hindi me kuch padhne ko mile aisa kabhi kabhi hi hota hai. Tis par aisi bhasha jiska vichhed na hua ho. Kshama chahunga par bas teen shabdon ke hindi samanarthak hote to kya baat hoti! Woh shabd hain – taqdeer, ghamon aur shaan.

    Wow! So well let me share my two bits. When I read it I found this a beautiful read. And I realised 3 words of urdu / farsi. And I was about to write you a comment in english when I thought let me write to you in hindi. And o boy I did hv to think before I could write. My hindi was not that bad in school. In fact I loved it. What we speak today is a corrupt language no. 😦 Taking away nothing from the write I got this feeling I thought I ll share with you while reading your post. And once again beautiful indeed!

    Sad for Sita. The life she led. Aint it 😐

    1. Thank you.. I wanted to bring a few Urdu Persian words in because that is the way we speak now..For me, this was a way of getting back in touch with my own language – and maybe re-interpret Sita through a modern mindset.

      1. Yes. Like I already said you ve done a beautiful job in hindustani! 🙂 What we speak always goes through this language metamorphosis along the time’s wand. Goes without saying it is the language of today. 🙂

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