Bad Raga

In the town of bad raga nothing bad ever really happened. It was a beautiful little place, with high mountains watching over it, like tall uncles. A little far away, but you could see them from anywhere in the town.

It had lots of hotels, and even one that looked like a palace. Music flowed from it’s badhaus– I’ll tell you about it later. People walked everywhere, or cycled along the Rhine, which was just next to it, on the other side of the railway line.

So you see, this town had everything. Cars, buses, cycles and even a horse driven carriage. It had houses, apartments and hotels. It even had lots of parks and golf courses. And the badhaus.

People came from far for the badhaus. The locals knew it well, and stayed away. But others had heard of the famous waters came.. And kept coming. For hundreds of years they came in search of the tonics of the earth, the waters that will make them well.

And the waters were good. One dip and you felt refreshed. Two dips and you felt younger. Three dips and you were as good as new. Tourists never took more – the managers made sure of that. Well, not managers. Just the manager. For he knew. As did all the old townspeople.

They knew what happens if you take a fourth dip. They knew, because they had seen it happen. Not once, not to one, to them who will never be again. But always are.

The Unborns.


Young Michael was traveling with his grandfather and uncle. His parents were far away, on a posting where it was not safe to take Michael. He was only six, well almost. And the posting was for six months. So Michael came to stay with grandpapa. And uncle, who looked after grandpapa. Because grandpa was not well. He used to be well, but now he was not. And since he was most loved in the family (he had the cups to prove it), everybody was worried.  Till they heard of a magic cure. In bad raga. One dip, and …. Uncle was sure it would work. He had seen a friend who recovered miraculously. Just two days- and he was well again!

“Michael, pack your bags”, said uncle, one fine summer morning. We are going to Bad Raga.