I think it is mandatory to bemoan the state of traffic in India and to write a few posts on it. There is so much to say – to paraphrase the Tolstoy – every traffic mess up is unique in its own way. There must be a theory to this – the uniqueness of stupidity. Or the Myopia of the Masses.

So, one pleasant sunny day, I try to turn right at a traffic light. As one does. Of course the lights were not working.


Obviously, that is a clear signal for everyone to press on.. No signal, no right of way. Right side, wrong side.. weave your way into any space possible..


But where are all of them headed?

(Into each other – much, bit much me thinks)

Ah no, the one nosing out to the right is planning an escape route.. a simple U turn out of the mess, even if that means doubling back to where they came from.


So, what do the children do – on their way back from school?


Gridlock for some…


Life carries on for others …..


And how did I get out of there? Considering the location, I knew the cops would be along and sort it out. A solitary young traffic cop had this cleared in ten minutes. Or maybe it was twenty. When magic happens, time can wait.

Ok.. the trick is to keep edging forward. If you cannot beat stupidity, join it.  (This makes no sense, but neither does magic – and it works)

Memo: Must take car to workshop to have clutch checked.




P.S. If you think there is anything remotely crazy or out of the ordinary in this Delhi drive, you are not going to be able to hack it here:



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