May God bless my country

There is this story about Guru Nanak who visited a village that was perfect in every way. Prosperous, polite people; clean, wide roads, and of course perfect hospitality. As he left the village, he cursed them – may this village be devastated and blown apart by the winds of fortune.

The next village he visited was terrible. The people were rude and dirty, the roads were chaotic, markets had goods piled up haphazardly and everything was valued at the same price. Nobody offered them food or shelter. As they left the village, Guru Nanak blessed the village with prosperity and stability.

His followers were puzzled. (there was just one, maybe). Guru Nanak explained patiently that he wished for the ills of the second village to be contained where they were, and the best practices of the first village to be disseminated far and wide.

May God bless my country.