Gullu knew that he MUST NOT talk to strangers. He had been told that ever since started school.

School was nice. It was bright and colourful and teacher aunty had a bright and smiley face. She sang such nice songs.

But still, the nicest part of school was going home.

Everybody was happy when it was time to go home. We sang the Bye-Bye song, and our teacher gave us our bags. Then we had to climb down the tricky stairs holding the rail with our right hand. The right hand is the one next to the rail..that one. One day, Gullu knew, he would slide down the rail..Zoooom! Just like in the park. And then, he would be the first to reach the bottom of the stairs.

It was really fun at the bottom. All the mummies and papas and the ayahs and drivers waited there. Finding my papa was like playing a game of hide and seek. Sometimes it was easy, he was right in front, but sometimes he was right at the back.

I did not like it when he hid at the back of the group..it made me a bit scared. Sometimes he was late. And then, I had to remember that I was a big boy and not let my big fat tears spill out. Mummy said that they were pearls, and pearls are precious.

But now it is okay if Papa is late. Funny Uncle is always there at the school. He has a big smile. And he always has a toffee for me.

2 thoughts on “Home-time”

  1. Gullu should take the school bus home, I don’t like this Funny Uncle business.
    Scenarios like this are so scary. I wonder how much of the fear stems from our own trauma-filled childhoods and how much is just perceived threat. Difficult to figure out this paranoia.
    Its a well written story, M, it gives me goose bumps.

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