She expects I can…

Can I? Can I write a whole three pages in twenty minutes!” wailed Shashi.

“ Well, its your own fault that the homework is not done. Now, twenty minutes till the schoolbus arrives. Get down to it”

That was mum. She thinks I am clever and stupid at the same time. She expects me to make magic happen. I mean, sheesh. Homework, when I can read a book! And half done work is worse than no work at all. I bet the teacher wont even ask for it today. And if she does, well, I’ll have to manage that somehow.


Sigh, mum again.

“This is your last chance! C’mon, get on with it!”

Mum thought that hustling me was going to get it done. Well, it might. But by the time I get the book out, it will be time for that bus anyway. Then she will scold me for leaving things behind. And all my friends will see her running after me with that silly yellow pencil box.

“I don’t know why I bother with you, Shashi. Its your work, you have to take responsibility for it after all”

Aha! Mum has reached the next stage already. That was quick. It must be because the bus will come soon. That’s how she always scolds. I even know what she is going to say next. But maybe she wont say it today.. there isn’t enough time for a lecture.

“Shashi, this is about being responsible, about taking charge of things. I have to be able to rely on you to get things done. Or how will I do my own work? I don’t really care about the work, but it is the attitude that matters. You have to have the attitude of a winner, a doer. Things don’t come to you automatically you know?”

Phew! A short lecture today. I know it word for word. Well, not exactly, but I do know the main words. Sometimes I listen to it. But I am not sure if she has got it right, some things do come automatically, you know. Like maths. The answers are sort of there. You look at a question, and then play lego with the bits and the answer zooms right in.

“Shashi, now, what have you been up to! Nothing’s been done! Now there isn’t enough time. You’d better go now. Try to finish it in the class, before lessons start.”

As if I am going to reply to this. Before class is when I kick the door and stare moodily when the girls come in. Then, somebody comes and talks to me. Its that time when I have to be out there. Out is the new In – I read that somewhere in mum’s magazine, she thinks it means something.

“Ok, Shashi, bye! Be good at school, finish all your lunch. And remember, pay attention in class. Make sure you write everything down. Okay? Understood? Write everything. Bye!”

Mum. She expects me to make magic happen.  She doesn’t know how its done. But it is true. I can make magic happen. Swear. And that’s how this homework will get done. I know how to slow down time. So others think I was writing for only one minute.

Bet you want to know how…..