Main Hoon Dawn

India is the new hope…TheBRIC countries will save the world!

Amazing what 20-30 years can do..India used to have a population problem, now we have a young workforce. We used to be the underdogs in the international arena, and now the youth feel entitled to success. Wonder when the VC funds will pluck the courage to say that India is the new dawn….

As they say in Bollywood, “Main hoon Don” ( I am the Don)…Don ki talaash to sab (?) mulkon ki police kar rahi hai…

If India is the new hope, to represent the new dawn of a post recession economy, it will have to move out of its re-active economy and confidently claim its stakes in the world. The work had begun, albeit recently. Now, it needs to show the world, that the search is not in vain. India can truly become the new Don/dawn.