India’s Junta

We have a saying in India: junta janardhan, which means the people are god. Or even more literally, the people are the wealth of the community.

Indian people have proved this again, and I am so very proud. the only terrorist to have been captured (and now the only source of information) was captured by the people. They saw the young men shooting at the police at CST station and rushed en masse to the rescue.  No fear, no self-preservation – this is the true generosity of the Indian spirit. This is why India will win time and again.

Gandhi too mobilised the masses when it was time for change. This is not only about resilience, this is not about tolerating another attack on the city. This is about standing up for yourself and creating the world you want and deserve.

In India, such generosity is an everyday occurence, it is a way of life. A traffic accident, the annual all night snarl up in mumbai, a train derailment…any disaster is when the community seems to mobilise rescue faster and better than any agency can. there It was the masses who have helped me time and again when I am lost or stuck or in trouble. There is food, water, advice, transportation on call. Customised. Sympathetic. There are enough people around to instantly turn a car back upright and save the occupants.

Is this an organised mission? Yes, in the sense that tradition is an organised mission. Tradition is the holy grail in every Indian family. A family is known by its values of generosity, truth, ethical sturdiness and hard work. Grit is the stuff of everyday life, not a virtue. This is the force that is India. This is the force that needs to be unleashed.

A decade ago, the size of our population was a problem. Now, we say we have a large young workforce. The sheer numbers carry weight, it is these numbers that can bring change. Political change? Yes, if they chose to. Change in the way inteligence is generated? Yes, of course. Change in the way we tolerate poor quality in every service we receive. Certainly.

Should this or can this mass of people be organised? Should they be led and directed to certain goals? Is it time for organisations to be created or for agencies to step in?

Agencies tend to become bulky and bureaucratic. Slow to respond. A series of networks connected to each other will always have faster and more effective responses. Much has been made of networks such as twitter and their role in these blasts. Their strength came from their structure and process. Their strength came from the looseness of their networks and the free will in their motivation. It is structures like these that will be effective, when the will to change comes.

There is a mass of intelligensia in the nation ready to do something. Many are. The Indian psyche believes in the triumph of good over evil, of love over hate, or the story is’nt over yet. Watch the triumph of reason over terror.