Anxiety to Success

All of last week, I was in a room full of people who recognised that they could be very successful if they were not afraid of their hurdles. (Sort of coach retraining for me) We worked on techniques to remove the fear of those hurdles and be able to go past them. The techniques were wonderful, really effective. But the whole day left me wondering – how silly can we get? Is that all it takes for us not to be a success? Just a bit of fear?

Just felt like I was in one of those persian riddles that my (Indian) grandfather was so fond of: What is the smallest and biggest thing on earth? Answer: Fear. Anxiety

(I made this one up, of course)

That too, is a part of the issue. Fears are so irrational that very often you cannot tell anybody about them at all. They demean you and disempower you at the same time. You recognise that and then of course, the fear is a bigger issue than ever.

I hate this anxiety thing. It stops me from doing things, getting things. My rights, my joys, my life.

It’s got to go. Its ridiculous. Its a Boggart (for you Harry Potter readers), and the the strongest charm against it is “Ridikulus!!”  With faith and conviction. With the realisation that laughing at it shrinks it.

There we are: we are able to control it already, its ours to play with now.

Have you tried that?

No, not a self deprecating laugh, you stuck-in-your-ways! If you know how to laugh at yourself, then do it properly! Make it a circus laugh. For you are a clown, if you give in to that silly (got to pop that balloon of) anxiety! Pin it down with laughter, go on, pop that silly balloon!

Sorry dear, did you want to keep that balloon? Its gone now.

If you want another one, you will just have to blow another one up for yourself. Too much work to it though. I would’nt bother.

If you really like balloons, lets blow one and fill it with sparkles and fun. Lets fill it with a bit of hope, a bit of good, a bit of love. Anything else?  We can blow up lots of good balloons whenever we want to. We can surround ourselves with them.

Sounds Facetious? Try it. It works beautifully.

Will it last? Of course it will, if you want it to.

The anxiety is as much a figment of your imagination (and faulty forecasting systems) as the balloons are. None of them is real.

What is real is the jobs you have to do. The goals you have to achieve. What is real is the people around you and the good you can do to them and to yourself.

Get on with it!

(This glimmer of resolve, this spark of a goal is your first success, celebrate it)

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